Today’s Food Blog: Who’s Ever Heard of Dill Pickle Soup?

dill-pickleWhen I heard that Stonewalls’ Soup of the Day was dill pickle, I jumped on the chance. As a guy with an addiction to chips, particularly dill pickle, this was a no-brainer for me. I was so curious about this soup that I immediately looked it up online to see what I could find.

While many of the varieties of this soup include potato, the Stonewalls’ version does not and is more of a cream-based soup but still uses many of the same ingredients as the more traditional form. This soup actually is quite common in Russian and Polish cuisine, using the brine as the main ingredient or rassol as it is referred to in Russian.

This is certainly a luxurious soup, creamy, velvety with the sharp bite of the dill pickle and topped with Asiago. I have to say, I’ve eaten a lot of things at a lot of different locales, alligator, horse, (maybe even dog, I couldn’t seem to get a straight answer at the market in Mexico). This soup is unlike anything that I have ever eaten. If you are lucky enough to be at Stonewalls when this soup is featured, go for it if you like pickles, it’s amazing!


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My name is Rob and I’m the Director of Marketing and Events for Stonewalls, but other than that, I’m a major foodie. Food has been a lifelong passion for me. Growing up with an Italian culture, it’s no wonder that I became involved in the restaurant business. I’m going to be sampling and writing about a different item on the Stonewalls menu each and every week. I hope you enjoy!

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