Today’s Food Blog: The Curse of the Voodoo Chicken Wrap

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voodoo-chicken-wrapI am really at a loss for this recipe. I mean, I am familiar with blackened chicken, have written about blackened chicken and its history; have heard the term “Voodoo Chicken” as a recipe so many times, but what makes blackened chicken “Voodoo”, I have no idea.

So let’s take this one, one step back and offer the most simple and broad explanation of the term. Voodoo: a set of spiritual folkways that developed from the traditions of the African diaspora; a combination of religions of several West African cultures and Catholic religion.

As slaves were brought from Africa to the Americas and converted to Catholicism, unwilling to pray to the saints, they instead prayed to their more familiar tribal Gods. The ever familiar Black magic, snakes, sacrifices and the occult that is typically associated with Voodoo became popularized seemed to have started in Haiti, spread to other Caribbean states and even making its way to New Orleans and Creole society.

By doing a simple internet search for Voodoo chicken, one will come across a plethora of recipes. History or historical accounts, nada. If you happen to find a link, please post it!

Not ever having really been much of someone that orders wraps, I was very happy see that this wrap was actually a tortilla-wrap, a world of difference than standard flour wraps. Clearly it was grilled; with large X char marks across the top. I knew then that the wrap was going to have a bit of a hard shell from the grilling and not soft and doughy like is often the case.

So when I bite into it, I taste and feel an abundance of unmistakable layered textures and flavours. Vegetables which include sautéed peppers, onions and a spring mix; followed by that distinct flavor of the blackened chicken, prepared in chunks, combined with mixed cheese and bound together with a spicy chipotle dressing. I hate to sound repetitive; however this sandwich is certainly an appetizing eruption of flavours. However, be forewarned, while this is not a “hot” dish, it is certainly piquant and will leave you with some lingering heat.

This is one heck of a packed sandwich wrap, full of value and flavor. If you want the bulkiness of a burrito, what feels like a meal in a wrap and enjoy some heat, try the Stonewalls Voodoo Chicken Wrap right away.

Recommended side: Soup of the day

Recommended Beverage: Mojito or anything with lime


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