Today’s Food Blog: The Infamous “Wall” Burger

the-wallI have heard so much about this burger and it’s been so heavily promoted and has even received some press. You can actually watch a video here of Chef Greg making it for Katie Steward of Cable 14.

The first thing that came to mind as I approached this monolithic monstrosity was, ‘How the heck do I eat it?’ So check this out, two certified beef burger grilled to perfection, two layers of smoked applewood cheddar, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion and topped with golden crisp onion straws, held together with a skewer.

At 6 inches in height, one begs the question, how? I approached it not unlike one slices gyro or shwarma meat off of a rotisserie. I have to give it to Stonewalls, their burger meat is always well made, and seasoned to perfection and in the wall, there is an enormous amount.

This burger is certainly not for the faint of heart and one really must have an enormous appetite in order to finish it. I recently whet to Cuba with a friend and she was astounded with the amount of food that I was able to put down in a single sitting. Maybe because of the diet I have been on since returning or just the sheer meat overload, I was unable to finish this mountain, or should I say, “Wall” of meat. I guess I’m having burger for lunch and dinner.

I dare anyone to try this, Stonewalls should have some kind of challenge, and it’s that big.

Recommended side: Any crisp light lager


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My name is Rob and I’m the Director of Marketing and Events for Stonewalls, but other than that, I’m a major foodie. Food has been a lifelong passion for me. Growing up with an Italian culture, it’s no wonder that I became involved in the restaurant business. I’m going to be sampling and writing about a different item on the Stonewalls menu each and every week. I hope you enjoy!

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