Today’s Food Blog: Sweet and Savoury: The Gourmet Prime Rib Grilled Cheese

The Gourmet Prime Rib Grilled CheeseThe Gourmet Prime Rib Grilled Cheese

Several years ago I was given a small Panini press for Christmas, this sent me into the wonderful world of grilled sandwiches. It was heaven and led me on a road to discover other types of grilled sandwiches, including one of my favourite ways to grill a sandwich, by heating two cast iron pans and pressing the sandwich. For my 3 year old, grilled organic Swiss with pesto is one of his regular, go-to sandwiches.

According to many food historians, cooked bread and cheese date back to ancient times, but one thing that everyone agrees on, is that the common grilled cheese sandwich became popular during and after the war (WWII) when bread and American cheese became cheap and abundant. According to US Navy cookbooks, cheese-filled sandwiches were a staple during these times.

One bite into Stonewalls Prime Rib Grilled Cheese, you will find a sweet and savoury sandwich that tells a tale of an impeccably well-thought out sandwich. This is the first time that I’ve ever had a pear in my sandwich and the first taste that you will notice is how the caramelized pears lend to the sweetness of the sautéed onions and then topped with a honey truffle aioli, is just simply and plainly to die for. And for good measure, they add a perfect portion of shaved certified Angus Beef and hold it all together with melted Brie, on buttered and grilled French Panini bread.

This is not your standard, run-of-the-mill sandwich. It is a gourmet pub fare and what Stonewalls is known for. If you want something truly unique and enjoy mild sweetness combined with gooey cheese, I cannot recommend this new menu item enough.

Because this sandwich is so rich, I would recommend the new Side Garden salad, featuring a spring mix of lettuce (endive, yum!) with sliced grape tomatoes, cucumbers and topped with beats julienne carrots and sunflower seeds, giving it a little more elevation than your garden-variety, garden salad.

Recommended side: Garden Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Recommended Beverage: Babbling Brook’s Traditional Root Beer


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