Today’s Food Blog: Stonewalls Authentic 10” wood fired pizza

me-with-chef-greg-300x287So many thoughts come to mind when I think pizza, it’s hard to pin down only a few. When I was growing up, it seemed like we had a different set of relatives visit us from Italy each summer, staying with us usually for a month or longer. As a teen, I was accustomed to two types of pizza, the type that you buy at the store (which, even my parents, strict adherents to the Italian tradition, would consume) and the type my parents would make. The latter, known in our household as ‘real’ pizza and always a square, thin crust.

One of the things that I learned from these summer experiences with my Italian relatives is that in modern Italy, a ‘red sauce’ pizza is not so much the norm as other types of pizza’s, such as a ‘white’ pizza. Some of our favourites included just a plain crust, delicately baked with nothing other than salt, pepper, rosemary and occasionally rubbed with garlic; or the ever famous ‘potato pizza’. I’m sure many reading this might be thinking, potato pizza, for real? The potatoes are sliced as thin as humanly (or mechanically) possible and embedded into the top of the dough. I can’t begin to describe what that does to a pizza or to your taste buds!

When I read that Stonewalls was putting a pizza on their lunch menu, I thought it was a bit out of sort, compared to the rest of the menu. By just looking at it, it certainly looks authentic. Each week the pizza comes with a different set of toppings, this week was pepperoni and bacon, which were grilled crispy and adding to its authentic look.

pizza-blogThe pizza crust was a thin, which was a bonus, albeit a touch on the softer side. The toppings were plentiful, you couldn’t ask for more and the cheese was a combination of mozzarella and cheddar. Personally, I would never put cheddar on a pizza, however it certainly didn’t seem to take away from the flavor, which was mostly bacon and pepperoni.

What I especially liked about this pizza is the home made tomato sauce which came with fresh basil, garlic and onion and Italian seasoning, I wish there was more! I have to say that the true star of this bountiful plate was the garlic aioli; whipped eggs, olive oil, minced garlic, Italian seasoning and a bit of minced parsley. It is a perfect thick, rich dip for the authentic Italian crust that comes with the pizza. It puts to shame all of those dips that you get when you order pizza from the store!

I rate the value on this meal, a complete 10 out of 10. A 10” authentic pizza for $8.99; you absolutely cannot go wrong!

Recommended Side: no side

Recommended Beverage: Babbling Brook’s Traditional Root Beer


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My name is Rob and I’m the Director of Marketing and Events for Stonewalls, but other than that, I’m a major foodie. Food has been a lifelong passion for me. Growing up with an Italian culture, it’s no wonder that I became involved in the restaurant business. I’m going to be sampling and writing about a different item on the Stonewalls menu each and every week. I hope you enjoy!

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