Today’s Food Blog: Stonewalls all-new Braised Short Ribs are out of this world!

braised-ribsAll-new Braised Short Ribs

I just spent the last couple of weeks in Naples, Florida where I had the pleasure of eating my way through plenty of Mexican and Cuba fare and with Naples being a short ride from Miami, I noticed a lot of restaurants offered the “Miami-cut short rib”, and while Stonewalls does not use this cut, it has inspired me to try their Braised Short Rib.

All short ribs come from the rib section of the cow which typically consists of three to four ribs. Stonewalls uses the more elegant “English Cut” which features a bulging hunk of meat that wraps around the bone, as opposed to the “flanken” or “Miami” cut where the rib is cut across so that each slice contains a few pieces of bone. Regardless of the cut, the rib comprises meat interspersed with a lot of muscle, fat, and tendon, allowing it to exude a strong beefy flavor. I have blogged previously about Stonewalls’ demi-glace, their jus is so sinfully delicious that you just may wish to drink it in a tall glass and have your fill.

One would be hard-pressed to find any pub that serves such a beautifully presented short rib than this one. A fat, yet delicate short rib, served overtop Stonewalls’ famed mashed potatoes, in a pool of demi-glace and with a side of broccoli flowerettes, string beans and zucchini and carrot ribbons.

When you first sink your fork into the swollen piece of meat, it easily pulls apart with your fork revealing the tender strands of succulent beef. The ribs are slow-braised overnight, following the French tradition of braising, using minimal herbs and spices and left to soak in their own juices, turning delicious natural gelatin into a prime glace. No sinewy tendons or muscle to be found.

The vegetables are well seasoned and soaking in the glace when the dish arrives, allowing even myself (someone who doesn’t care for carrots or string beans) to enjoy the beef-infused flavours that the demi-glace offers the vegetables. The sautéed zucchini and carrot ribbons are just simply remarkable and melt in your mouth.

It is my understanding that this dish has undergone a few variations since it landed on the menu 3 weeks ago, and clearly they hit perfection. This dish is the epitome of beefy flavor.

Recommended Beverage: Magellan, Pinot Noir


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