Today’s Food Blog: Garlic Mash Love

mashThe Solanum tuberosum, aka the potato has always been indigenous to the Andes region, along with several other similar species. It was about four centuries ago that this staple crop was introduced outside the region and quickly become commonplace on tables around the world. In fact, it is the fourth largest food crop following maize, wheat and rice.

I don’t usually write about sides and typically only do so when the side totally blows me away. Mashed potatoes have always been one of my very favourite sides to make, I mean, they lend an open canvass to do so much with. I make what I call a ‘Gourmet Shepherd’s Pie’ and each time I do, I go hog wild on a different type of mash, and almost always whipped! Everybody knows that one of the best secrets of the mash is sour cream, I mean come on, that’s so old school, but it works every time. Some do shredded carrots, some do spinach, some do cheese (cheeeese, oh for the love of a good cheese!). It is just so versatile.

When I dipped my fork into this thick, rich, carbalicious bowl of goodness it was a surprisingly delightful shock to my taste buds. I ate nearly half of the bowl, forgetting I had a main. The first taste I experience was a combination of the butter and garlic. Garlic so thick that I could feel the chunks between my teeth, but here’s the good thing, it wasn’t overwhelming, it was the perfect amount. And the butter, oh, the butter….but I digress.  And as is often the case with some of the sides at Stonewalls, it was topped with a beautiful array of green spring onions, which worked so well with the dish.

Here’s a though, if you have already tasted the delicious hand-cut Yukon fries at Stonewalls, go for the garlic mash as your side. If you are a carb junkie like me, you will love every little bit of this wonderful bowl of awesome goodness!


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My name is Rob and I’m the Director of Marketing and Events for Stonewalls, but other than that, I’m a major foodie. Food has been a lifelong passion for me. Growing up with an Italian culture, it’s no wonder that I became involved in the restaurant business. I’m going to be sampling and writing about a different item on the Stonewalls menu each and every week. I hope you enjoy!

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