Chicken Parmesan, Paesan!

chicken-parmGrowing up, I always thought that chicken parmigiana was an authentic Italian dish and it wasn’t until I started my research for this very blog that I realized that it did not in fact hail from the boot country. Because the dish features a chicken cutlet, or schnitzel, its origins are more German than Italian. Further, it is more popular in Australia than anywhere else!

For those red-blooded Italians reading this, calm down, as there is a saving grace. Chicken parm is based on the uniquely Italian dish, Parmigiana which consists of sliced eggplant pan fried in oil and layered with cheese and tomato sauce and then baked in the oven.

What I first noticed about the Stonewalls version was the sheer amount of food on the plate; plenty of pasta and a giant pan-fried cutlet and garlic bread. I loved the idea of using the bucatini, a giant spaghetti like noodle with a hole running through it. I don’t think that I have ever seen it on a menu anywhere else, a great call and a compliment to the dish. The cutlet itself was moist and juicy, with a hard outer crust. The garlic bread was pretty standard fare.

The star of this dish was clear, as it should be for this dish, the sauce. A home-made tomato sauce, thick with onions and a selection of asiago, parmesan and romano cheeses and simmered for several hours. This dish would appeal to any Italian that is used to mama’s or nona’s home-cooking.

Chef Greg, you are an honourary Paesan !

Recommended Beverage: Luigi Righetti Valpolicella

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