Today’s Food Blog: Buffalo Bill would have loved this Bison Burger!

blog-aug-14Every year I make my way down to Port Dover to spend anywhere from a couple of days to a week’s vacation, lounging around the beach, eating fried fish and slurping up icees. One of the experiences that I used to look forward the most during these trips was eating a bison burger at the local greasy spoon located on the main strip. Unfortunately that little restaurant packed up a couple of years ago and has since been replaced with an ice cream shop.

While you are unlikely to find bison in your local grocery aisle, there are many reasons to start eating bison. Back in 1997, the American Heart Association recommended buffalo burgers as more heart-healthy than chicken or beef. The burger is high in nutrients such as protein, zinc, and vitamin B12. Buffalo burgers are healthier than beef because bison do not store as much fat as cattle. A three-ounce serving of buffalo meat has 93 calories and 1.8 grams of fat compared to 183 calories and 8.7 grams of fat in the same serving as beef.

Upon looking at the 8 ounce burger on my plate, at first I was a little disappointed with how little blue cheese was on the burger, but within one single bite it was clear to me why the cheese did not cover the entire burger. On its own, I like blue cheese, as an ingredient, I LOVE blue cheese. When I took that first bite, I was able to taste the cheese and as is always the case with blue, it’s a prominent taste. Anymore cheese and it would have lost the flavor of the bison. With roasted red peppers, pickle, crisp lettuce, tomato and red onion, this burger is leaps and bounds ahead of any other burger.

For the ordinary palette, one would be hard pressed to notice a difference between this meat and ordinary ground beef; for the discerning palette one can clearly notice the sweeter, tenderer meat that is bison. Personally, I very much enjoy the taste of bison and for so many reasons I would always choose it over beef; and as one can always expect with a Stonewalls burger, it is a hearty size and will certainly leave you full.

Recommended Side: Stonewalls award winning hand-cut Yukon Fries (unless you wish to keep with the heart-healthy theme as I did and go with rice or salad). 

Recommended Beverage:  Any beer of your choice.


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My name is Rob and I’m the Director of Marketing and Events for Stonewalls, but other than that, I’m a major foodie. Food has been a lifelong passion for me. Growing up with an Italian culture, it’s no wonder that I became involved in the restaurant business. I’m going to be sampling and writing about a different item on the Stonewalls menu each and every week. I hope you enjoy!

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