Today’s Food Blog: Braised beef on a bun and a demi glaze that you can drink in a tall glass

beefAs the father of one of the world’s pickiest 3 year olds, I always find it a struggle to get my son to eat his dinner. Oftentimes I will make some of his favourites and he still causes a fuss! The one (and only) dish that I know he will never turn down, and keep eating it until there’s none left, is steak. Although at our home, red meat is a once-a-week treat, beef and steak are even a rarer occurrence.

The reason for his ease with beef is simple. Beef has such a delectably distinct, rich flavor that you cannot find in any other meat. Several years ago I read the book “Beyond Beef” by Jeremy Rifkin, a historical book based on the cattle industry, spanning from earliest days when entire forest were cut down in order for the cows to graze, right up to present where industry giants such as Tyson and Maple Leaf rule. There is a very simple reason why the cattle industry is one of the largest in the world: the flavour of beef.

So simple the name, “Beef on a Bun”, a more apt title would be “Heaven in your mouth”. Chef Greg slow roasts the beef in-house, braised to be specific, slices it thin and piles high on a soft Panini bun that has been caramelized with a quick pan sear. However, the side of beef demi glaze is the true star in this dish, likely taken from the braise as this is a full concentration of beef flavours. The beauty of the braise (French for Braiser) is that whenever cooking meat, the longer and slower you cook it, the more the flavours concentrate. So when you dip that bun into that nectar they simply call “demi glaze”, understand that it will convert your sandwich into nothing short of a full on beef experience. Just you, the beef and a bun, no vegetables, no aioli, just the flavour of concentrated beef.

The side I chose was their new wild rice, infused with rosemary, which was great, however with beef, I’d definitely recommend any potato of your choice.

I have reviewed a few beef dishes here at Stonewalls and this is by far, the tastiest beef dish in their arsenal. Try it now, don’t wait!

Recommended Side: Potato of your choice

Recommended Beverage: Any rich, red wine, ideally a shiraz


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