Today’s Food Blog: The Best Burger I have Ever Eaten – The Australian Burger

The Australian burger started showing up in restaurants and cafes in Australia around the 1960’s and while some of the ingredients vary from region to region, there are items that are non-negotiable, typically an egg, beats, sriracha or spicy chilli sauce and a pineapple ring.

When I first spotted this burger on the menu at Stonewalls, I was a little skeptical, who puts a “Fresh Omega 3 Egg” served sunny side up, on a burger? However, the Stonewalls version of the traditional Australian Burger seems to be made for more of a North American audience, sans the beets and pineapple (which is just fine for me). But I must say that I still approached this burger with some trepidation.

Let’s break this down. One hand-crafted prime Angus beef patty, served with bacon, cheddar and barbeque sauce; it seemed like an odd combination of ingredients. So when approaching this burger for the first time, I mistakenly thought that I could eat it with my hands, as one would with most burgers.

But Stonewalls’ Aussie burger is not your regular burger and having enjoyed this burger several times so far, I would recommend that one uses a fork and knife.

Served to you with the top bun on the side, the first thing that you see is this visually stunning egg, sunny side up, glistening and made absolutely perfectly each and every time. When you first cut into this mountain of burger, the yolk oozes over the cheddar, bacon, down the side of the meat and drench the bun like a sponge before it puddles onto the plate below.

What you get is truly a flavor explosion in your mouth, or as I refer to it as, breakfast and lunch combined. The flavor of the aged cheddar, combined with thick strips of bacon over a perfectly grilled no-filler, angus beef burger, while the yolk acts as the bond that pulls everything together; it’s an experience that no burger lover should miss.

Personally, I enjoy food on its own and typically do not add ketchups or barbeque sauces to my food and even though it’s part of this burger’s tradition, I forgo the sauce.

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience with your burger, and especially if you missed breakfast, try Stonewalls’ Australian burger, you won’t be disappointed.

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Recommended side: Rice

Recommended Beverage: Mill St. Original Organic Lager


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